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If you are embarking upon a job which will require the moving of pallets or heavy goods, for example in a warehouse, then there are several safety measures you need to take into account. If you have no previous experience you may want to consider taking a crash course in operating a pallet truck. This will prepare you for all work that will be undertaken with the truck.

If you are using a manual pallet truck then you probably don't need training as it is relatively safe and easy to use. You simply use a jack to pump the truck up, so it can lift the load off the ground. A powered pallet truck can be a lot more difficult to control and will be needed to transport particularly heavy goods or stacks of pallets. As it is larger it will be harder to manoeuvre in tight warehouse spaces.

Safety training is not a legal requirement to operate a pump truck, but it is your company's responsibility to ensure that you are fully informed on how to work one. If you are not trained by your employer then they will be liable for any damages to property or injuries to yourself or others in the event that you cannot control the truck. For this reason most companies will issue you with a certificate which can be presented to insurers should an accident occur.

Here follows some of the training you should expect to receive: First a brief overview of the workings of powered pallet trucks, details of your responsibility under the Health and Safety Act of 1974, instructions on how to operate the machine and a written and visual safety code. If the machinery is in constant use it should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that it is in safe working order by either yourself or a trained colleague. Numerous tests will follow this procedure before you can be issued with your certificate.

Working with a manual pallet truck is much simpler, as the operator simply pushes the forks into the pallet and uses a jack mechanism on the truck to lift the pallet, in order to pull the load to the desired area. Operating pallet trucks should be simple and palm oil processing machine problem free providing the correct training oil expeller is adhered to.

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